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Originally Posted by DaisyDee View Post
Do you have a heat tool for embossing with rubber stamps? I started out using a lighter or a candle, but I didn't like how easy it was to singe the edges. So I tried my heat tool, and it works like a charm! I placed the fabric pieces on my work surface, and held them down with metal washers. Then I gave the heat tool a few seconds to warm up, held it over the fabric, and moved it around the edges until I was happy with the way it looked.

I love how easy it is, and it's preferable to me to an open flame. I did learn though to make sure you have a heat-proof surface under your work. I have a piece of tempered glass over an Olfa cutting mat on my desk, and I moved my glass to clean under it and discovered it had warped a little. It stays flat under the weight of the glass, and luckily I have a larger one that I use only for cutting fabric, but I recommend using a piece of wood like a cutting board, or some other heat resistant material for protection.

I use a candle & also a heat tool. Some of the lighter weight fabrics seem to want to burn more quickly, but you can still work with them as long as you keep them further from the candle flame. Maybe they have more nylon in them? idk

The heat tool is a great alternative though. I use mine over a slab of marble that my parents gave me. They'd bought it to cook bread on in their oven, but it's too heavy to lift in and out all the time. (weighs a ton, I swear!) It's over an inch thick & works great. Before that though, I used my heat tool over a ceramic tile that I had sitting on top of a pot holder & before that I just used it over my stove because it has a flat cook top. (That can be problematic though, especially when I used embossing powder! I wouldn't do that again. It was difficult to get that off the stovetop! lol)
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