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Do you have a heat tool for embossing with rubber stamps? I started out using a lighter or a candle, but I didn't like how easy it was to singe the edges. So I tried my heat tool, and it works like a charm! I placed the fabric pieces on my work surface, and held them down with metal washers. Then I gave the heat tool a few seconds to warm up, held it over the fabric, and moved it around the edges until I was happy with the way it looked.

I love how easy it is, and it's preferable to me to an open flame. I did learn though to make sure you have a heat-proof surface under your work. I have a piece of tempered glass over an Olfa cutting mat on my desk, and I moved my glass to clean under it and discovered it had warped a little. It stays flat under the weight of the glass, and luckily I have a larger one that I use only for cutting fabric, but I recommend using a piece of wood like a cutting board, or some other heat resistant material for protection.
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