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Default Re: How to use Rhinestone buttons??

Originally Posted by devilicious View Post
What section of Wal-mart? I am wondering if Target would have that too? I am going out in a bit and would pick this up today. I am excited to work with all my buttons now! Thanks everyone for your input. SOOOO helpful!
I totally meant to say what section but I got so excited about sharing how they great they are! lol They were in the craft section on the jewlery aisle. There were a bunch tools there and these are labeled "flush cutters." hth! Oh and Target won't have them as they don't have a crafting section. Well, mine doesn't anyway. Have fun with your buttons!

Oh and I wanted to add that the metals shanks may take a bit of muscle to get off but you will get a nice flat back. The plastic shanks come off like butter! So easy.
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