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Default Re: Can anyone help me!

Originally Posted by barleymom View Post
I hope I can explain this without being confusing, but probably not. LOL

It's the same bow. The difference is the first link has the horizontal portion of the top loop behind the horizontal portion of the bottom loop, while the second one has the horizontal portion of the top loop in front of the horizontal portion of the bottom loop. (So it actually looks upside down to me.) On the second bow, I believe the bottom loops are larger because a longer length of ribbon is used for the bottom loops than the top ones. If the lower loops are marked even 1/2 inch longer than the top loops, it can make a noticeable difference. Also, I think the points you like on the bottom is a matter of proportion between the width of the ribbon and the length of the loops and they seem to be pulled down vertically more than the other one.
Great eye! The top loop IS in front on this bow! There's one thing im doing wrong. I figured the bottom loops had to use more ribbon so I've allowed for that in previous attempts lol. Im using 2 1/4 in ribbon, maybe I just need to use even MORE on the bottom.
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