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Default Can anyone help me!

So here are my results. IF anyone else was wondering. I started using 1.5in bc 2 1/4in. is too expensive to experiment with haha. For all of these bows I used 34in long pieces. The first one all I changed was adding alot more to the bottom than the top and putting the top loops over the bottom loops in the back. I thought it was right at first but I realized later that the tail was coming from the wrong place still. My loops also looked a little off but I thought I would fix them with practice. So the second one I changed up the way I fold my figure 8 so that my tail would come from the right place. BUT I forgot to put my top loops over the bottom ones. Still didnt look bad though. The third is with the changed fold AND with the top loops over the bottom loops with a tiny bit more ribbon used for the bottom than the top. Thanks for all the help everyone

I have tried OVER AND OVER. I can make a twisted boutique this

BUT I much prefer this style and so does EVERYONE else around here.

You see how you can see more of the INSIDE of the ribbon and the bottom loops are bigger? The bottom loops almost make a point. I have tried everything I can think of. I will purchase any tut you can point me in the direction of or if anyone has any tips I would be forever greatful lol I want to make THIS type of bow darn it!!! Heeeeeeeeelp me puh lease!
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