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Thumbs up Re: That's it! I'm totally calling this HG out!!!!

Originally Posted by Jickles View Post
Yep, it's probably not the place to post this, but this HG needs to be called out!
Kimmisok..yep, I'm calling you out.
Yesterday, I lost a friend near and dear to my heart. He had a soul and spirit greater than anyone I've ever known. He was bitchy, smart, funny and because of this, people drew to him like a magnet. He also adored the peacock headband I made. When he got sick, I made his headband, and had it in a box to ship when his sister called me to tell me the news that he passed on. I sat and looked at his headband and knew it could be used to help keep his memory going by supporting his passion in life which was his work at the Columbus Metropolitan Public Library Geneology Department which has taken quite a hit with budget cuts. I knew that perhaps if I sold this headband and a few more for $$$ I could donate 100% of the proceeds to his passion.
So, $50 is a lot to pay for a peacock headband considering the average price of one is $20 on Etsy. Kimmisok...I want to call you out and thank you from the bottom of my heart for purchasing this headband. You have touched my heart and I will be sure to every penny of it in Andys honor to his department. Thank you thank you...there are angels walking here on earth and you my dear are one of them.

Wow! What a great think to read before ending my day! Thanks for sharing!! Jamie
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