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Default Re: That's it! I'm totally calling this HG out!!!!

Originally Posted by kimmisook View Post
i have to admit, when i saw the subject line, i was like "oh my gosh - who did what now?" then i saw my name and i immediately freaked out wondering who i didn't pay or what i said to offend or a million other things! i'm happy, too, to find out it wasn't one of "those" posts, LOL!

i honestly didn't need any recognition for this - if i hadn't bought that headband, somebody else would have. your story just touched my heart so deeply and i just had to do something to help. you are a beautiful person and i am so very sorry for your loss.
No, you do need recognition for this. In life a person who truly does things with their whole heart doesn't have the need to share their good deed. Many times we don't know who the ones are who donate, volunteer, and they go unrecognized. I wanted to let people know how awesome you are for this because nobody asked you to buy this, but you did from the kindness in your heart.
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