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Default Re: Dying Chiffon? HELP!

Originally Posted by Tiara View Post
Chiffon cannot be dyed. It won't hold dye as with other nylon based fabrics. Nylon is basically woven plastic...RIT Dye and most other off-the-shelf dye will not work.

So keep that in mind when shopping for fabrics next time. I hope the other suggestion above helps you somewhat. But I wouldn't sell any clothing that had paint added to the dye.
I just came from Joann's and noticed some "Jacquard" dye for nylon fabrics above the RIT dye. I wanted to take a pic for you but I left my phone in the car lol.

Check out this link:

I had no idea they sold acid dye at Joann's. Now I know!
Let us know what works... I'm curious now.
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