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Default Dog Bows modeled on Dogs - Real or Fake??

Someone was asking about dog bows. You can see some modeled on the Yorkshire Terriers and Shih Tzu on this site

Original soft sculpture artist Tammy Hendricks introduces collectible teddy bears and dogs.

I make (learning) show dog bows for my yorkies. Check out The one on the Yorkshire Terrier about 3/4 of the way down, Ch Pico Baby’s Mia oh My!

These dogs AREN'T real. They are incredible, and pricey. They are posable.

Read down at the bottom of the page about the lady that makes them. She only has one hand.

Oh By the way - Ch Pico Baby’s Mia oh My! sold for $5100. Yikes!!!!

Talk about talent!!! And I complain about not being able to make a bow
Have a wonderful, productive day

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