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Default Re: Stolen pictures??

Originally Posted by ronnie View Post
I dont know but I have a problem with this picture:

It is too risque in my opinion. With the amount of sick perverts online I would not let my dd model like that. Dh said they have had to confiscate computers from suspected peds and some of the forums or groups they have found have pics that look normal and innocent but to a ped they make it look perverted. Some pics get edited in a disgusting manner. It is sickening.
I completely agree. The pose, the arrangement of the outfit, the makeup, for crying out loud, are a far cry from the classic pic of a naked baby lying on his/her tummy on lambswool that we've all seen (my MIL has one of my husband that goes back to the 1950s)--but I wouldn't post even that online.

Originally Posted by dreamspun View Post
There are some of my pics on this site. I will investigate...
I am so sorry. I hope you get the situation resolved quickly. IMO, there should be compensation involved, as well as immediate removal of your pics. Good luck.
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