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Originally Posted by Gamma View Post
There is no difference in these machines. Both will cut just about anything that will fit through if you use the right dies. Chipboard, felt, fabric, card stock it will all work. The difference is in the colors and the place of sale. They use the exact same everything else. You use the same cutting mats, folding pads, embossing pads, etc. So, it really comes down to which color you prefer and which machine you can get a better deal on.

There was a split in the company several years back, so now they each have their own cutter name, but the machine is the same

If you go to, each die will have it's own list of what it will cut. Most of them will cut anything, and either machine will take any die from other machine brands as long as it fits the slot [which covers most everything]...again, each die will have a list of what machine it will fit.

In reality, it's not the machine that does the cutting, its the die. Metal dies will cut more items than the thin plastic ones. Not to say you can't use the plastic dies, but the metal ones will last much longer and make a sharper cut for a much longer time.
Thank You---I have been searching for this answer, I certainly appreciate your review on these
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