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Default Re: Little Pink Ladybug 19 piece sets are shipping!

Originally Posted by MoxieandPixie View Post
That is awesome for a very first bow! I couldn't do a TBB before the BBM templates (though I don't use the second set of marks when making mine...if I do the bow is lopsided for some reason) and the classic bow is adorable! I love these and Karyn is amazing for developing them!
Thank you, I just have a very supportive family

Originally Posted by ssbeatty View Post
I got mine Saturday Now if I can just get some time to play with it!!
Hope you get time!

Originally Posted by EweAreMySunshine View Post
Is it too late to order this set?
We have plenty available at

Originally Posted by kimmisook View Post
i just ordered i have the classic set already but with all the raving and excitement going on, i couldn't resist
Just packed yours up! At the door!
Brilliant Bowmaker Templates!
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