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Originally Posted by btrfly916 View Post
I've made this type of ribbon wreath! They are fun. I did all pink and girly pink patterns for my daughters' pink birthday party and now it hangs on her closet door.

I've also done one for my grandma.
My tips:
I search for wreaths in the thrift stores.
I've used the straw wreaths (left in the plastic), foam, AND the triple wire wreath form sold at HL.

You can also use a wire hanger bent into a wreath form. You can also head over to home depot and get some pipe insulation and turn that into a wreath form with a piece of duct tape! (
Oh those are all great the pipe insulation! Then you can have more control over the diamention of the core and the circle of the wreath!
That is super clever!!!

Here is another Halloween wreath that would be less expensive to make and I think is cute! It has a bunch of possibilities as how you could embellish it too!

What do you all think?
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