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Default Re: Sequin Headbands

Originally Posted by dcarguy61 View Post
hello, I am having trouble. 1st I am a guy just so all know, but I have 4 daughters and have made a few of these. 1st I was just sewing them inside out just the ends and all was ok but started to fray. So I overlaped them and tried a zig zag and even a straight stitch but the needle always breaks so. Is there something I am doing wrong, I am using a jean needle. help because my girls have friends that want these and I am going to sell them for 4$ to them but want them to last thanks
You need a ball point needle, make sure it's a heavy duty and you'll need to buy a few because once it start going dull you'll have to change it out before it breaks. Flying needles suck! I just do a wide zigzag across and reverse all the way back. Holds great! You may want to look into heavy thread too.
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