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Default Re: hot fix on other than fabric???

Originally Posted by island_girl_bows View Post
You should know... that affixing the crystals on your phones attomatically VOIDS the warranty... so if you are paying insurance on the phone save your money cause you are wasting it... if your phone breaks and you send it in to be "fixed" due to a warranty problem they will tell tough cookies. the phone is voided.

they say it has to do with the crystals and other things insulate the heat inside the case and screws with the computer componets.

call your provider to check what they say... My hubby works for T-mobile and all the manufacturers they carry wont honor the warranty... other wise I would have done that too!
Yes! I had completely forgotten about that. I had a seperate cover that I put my crystals on. They told me as long as I had the original cover to put back on the phone then I was fine. I'm not sure if all companies have the same policy but that's how mine worked. Thankfully I have a great little phone and never had to send it in anyway, but I do still have the original cover just in case.
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