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Default Re: Any Tott's users??

I want to buy TOTT's and I already have used the Sally Clip in the past. Personally I prefer to do my creases by hand, but that is me only. Are the instructions unique compared to other instructions out there? Do they offer more designs? What about the bow maker? I have never used that.

The instructions I bought online a while back were pretty good but I would like to see more out there. This one I bought offered a lot but if TOTTs has something different and gives different techinques I would purchase it. I think having more than one set of instructions helps you come up with what works best for you.

-making korker ribbon
-korker bows
-lining alligator pinch clips
-attaching a bow to a clip
-center knots
-attaching center knots
-making krinkle ribbon
-layering/stacking bows
-tails dows, tails up/down
-accordian fold
-funky boutique bows
-twist bows
-diamond cut
-inside out bow
-infant bows
-interchangable headbands
-non slip newborn clippies
-triple decker bows
-wholesale suppliers

*I was very satisfied with these instructions. I just don't attached the same way her instructions do. I found sewing with upholstery thread worked better for me.
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