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Default Re: Tutu dresses--i still need help! :-(

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR COMING TO THE RESCUE!!! OOOOOH! I think I understand now! What I was doing was putting one crochet headband INSIDE another crochet headband (without cutting them) to double layer them. I then knew that I would use the bottom edge of the double layered headbands for the tulle, but when I tried to stitch the top of the headbands together so that they wouldn't be loose along the TOP edge (and so it would no longer be TWO separate headbands, but now ONE single piece), it lost the stretch. And then I came across this etsy store in looking for tutorials where she said that her crochet tops were lined and I wondered HOW IN THE WORLD she was doing it with just ONE crochet headband and then lining them! (whoever she is she is rocking out some seriously breathtaking stuff!). But I understand much better from what you said, that I have to use TWO tutu tops and cut them in the middle (I assume down the side seam) and then stitch the side edge of each one together (meaning to each other). I guess, I would then sew on the lining that I was going to put in, before sewing up the final side seam (oh my goodness this is complicated to try to write! no wonder I was CONFUSED! ) WHEW!!! THANKS AGAIN, YOU'RE SUCH A SWEETHEART for helping me in this CRISIS! LOL! I DEFINITELY trust your advice and judgment because that is one SUPER FABULOUS tutu in your avatar/profile pic! LOVE IT!
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