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Default Re: Tutu dresses--i still need help! :-(

no no -not one on top of each other -side by side take a 6" crochet band -cut in down the middle-- take the 2nd one and do the same --now stitch it together to make it super long --then stitch the 2 ends so you have a very WIDE band -not high--I would send you pics if thats easier? --once you sew them all extra thread your ready to tie the tulle on -keep layering thru the wholes until its as fluffy as you like -HOpe that helps
Originally Posted by creative1 View Post
Okay, I have purchased a few tutorials, did google searches and read just about every post on here that I could find on this subject and I am now completely EXHAUSTED with trying to figure out how line the crochet tutu tops. Believe me I have tried everything that my little brain could think of. I tried the suggestion of doubling them and that didn't seem to work because when I went to handsew the top of the two together it didn't allow as much stretch as it did before--meaning it didn't have as much stretch as only having one top, plus I hate having to use two of my crochet headbands for one tutu (I know it may seem insignificant but those little things can end up costing especially since I am using the large 8.5" crochet headbands and you may remember from one of my other posts that I was having problems with the company that I had been buying them from ). I also tried machine sewing a knit lining (so that it would still have the stretch quality) into the crochet headband and let me say first that I know NOTHING about sewing, as a matter of fact, I had to learn how to turn the sewing machine on, let alone learn how to sew a stitch to even be able to sew the lining on. And that didn't work EITHER! I was able to get the lining stitched on, but I still didn't have the same amount of stretch (I tried sewing just the top of the lining to the top of the crochet headband, and then tried just about every alternative I could try ruining many of my small headbands, because I didn't want to use all my good large headbands, without any success). UGGGH!!!!!! PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME HOW TO EITHER LINE THE CROCHET TUTU TOPS or PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE TELL ME WHAT OTHER ALTERNATIVES I COULD USE (other than doubling the headbands) SO THAT THE TUTUS WON'T BE SEE-THROUGH. I feel like I am going to have a melt-down any moment now...
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