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Default Re: Stolen pictures??

Originally Posted by ronnie View Post
I dont know but I have a problem with this picture:

It is too risque in my opinion. With the amount of sick perverts online I would not let my dd model like that. Dh said they have had to confiscate computers from suspected peds and some of the forums or groups they have found have pics that look normal and innocent but to a ped they make it look perverted. Some pics get edited in a disgusting manner. It is sickening.
I agree that this photo is far too inappropriate. The pose is way too seductive for a little child. When my ds was born, I was crazy about not letting his photos be posted anywhere online for fear he would end up on some pervs site and I would feel terrible about that. I have since loosened on that since I want to specialize in newborn/chilren's photos. I figure if I am askign for permission to use images on my website and online gallery as I need a portfolio, I need to be more comfortable with posting my own son's pics. With that being said, I am very careful about how children are first dressed, second posed. I actualyl have a mom that was ok with me photographing her 9 m/o daughter shirtless as she was modeling tutus the girls mom had made. I was not ok with it and asked her to at least use a crochet headbad to cover the parts that I didn't want to display. I told the mom that I have no control over who views my site and would feel terrible if the girls images were taken by a perv. I just feel that as a photographer, I need to put the child's safety first. Children already are growing up way too fast. There is time enough when children are older if they want to do seductive posing and modeling. When they are young, I think the photos should be appropriate for their age and show the true carefree nature of children.
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