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Yes what they said, I'm fairly new as well but start with the clip that you want your daughter to have such as alligator single prong, alligator double prong (both are also called clippies), the snap that opens wide and has a pench to open mechanism, a metal snap clip that opens when you press the center. Once you have picked that choose whter or not you want to line your clip (lining your clip makes it look professional) then decide on whter you want non slip grip inside to assist the bow in staying in the hair. Lining your clip can be done with hot glue (can be messy) or DST=double sided you should look into the best one that works well for you, there was a post on here about good DST. And non slip can be applied the same way. The simples bow in my opinion to kae is a tuxedo bow on a lined clippie. And then explore from there. These things alone will start you out with enough supplies to get you addicted, lol. Clips, hot glue, DST, and Ribbon. All of these items can be found at your local walmart, michaels, hobby lobby, joann's, craft store, etc. Once you start making for others I would suggest changing who you purchase your supplies from. HTH= Hope this helps
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