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Here you go, hun! This should help you a little. If you are just starting on bows I would learn how to make a basic boutique bow first before you venture out to twisted. Once you have that mastered it will be a lot easier for you to grasp the other learning curves. As for having tons of ribbon.....yes. Dh and I have been discussing having a portable building brought out to our place so I can have my own place to store all of my bins and have a place to work and leave everything out for easy reach. I gave up my office for our last baby to have her own room. No complaints but I do need a lot more room. Poor thing has never set foot in her walk in closet because my bins fill up most of it. I have tapered down on my buys (quanity wise) and have done some destashes but once you get addicted to this you cant help but want everything you see.

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