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Default Re: What do you use to stiffen your bows?

Originally Posted by kiefnmadismom View Post
Dear Gawd...I don't know WHY people don't want to just cough it up..The BEST one I have found to date is Rave Hairspray..I got it at Walmart for 1.97..hth

Who is hiding secrets? Everyone is sharing what they use and how they do it.

To the original poster: I use different things all of the time. For me Stiffen Stuff is one of my favorites. Also heavy duty starch works just as well. Aqua Net and most of your strong holding hairsprays work too. You really can't go wrong with what you use. You can test them all out and see which one you prefer using as it all boils down to preference. Sometimes I stiffen...sometimes I dont.

You can choose whichever method you prefer:

- bake then spray
-spray then bake
-spray, bake then spray again
-microwave then spray
-spray then microwave
-spray, micro then spray again. (although I prefer the baking method)

adding.... You can also either stiffen your entire bow or just do the bow and the surrounds. I stiffen my bows when I dont use high quality ribbon. For me...Schiff is the only ribbon brand I will not stiffen because it is already stiff. Sometimes I will stiffen only the surrounds for added security but I dont always do that. Ribbon from Yama and UB (which you can find at places like HL, HBC, and I think UC) is flimsy and stiffening those would be a good idea...but not everyone does it. Like I said it is all preference. I prefer to work with Schiff and Offray but sometimes I can only find colors I need through YAMA.

You can't go wrong with it unless you forget about them in the oven....which many of us have done that too.

****I do not stiffen DRR bows**** I have just learned how to make them poofy.

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