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Default Re: Talk about profit!!

I sell mine for about $1.30 each hair tie, sets with printed FOE are about $1.40 each sometimes a bit more. I just purchased some dyes and will start tie dying them very soon. They are quick to make, I can make a set of 5, in about 5-7 minutes! Cut, knot and heat seal, a quick $6.50 for a few mins of my time, heck it's most than what others make in the boutique biz in 1 full hour of their time. I get tons of orders offline & now it's picking up in my Etsy. I also supply 3 B&M boutiques in the city with them, and I managed to sell them at my retail price, they sell it for double at 5 ties for $13.95 which to me is insane & ridiculous but they can get away with it though because they are high end stores.

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