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Default Re: Lighting?

What kind of camera are you using for the photos? That will make a big difference in the look that you want to achieve. If you are using a dslr, that is ideal since you can control your settings. I find that I use an off camera flash and bounce the light. This helps to soften the light out. However, don't bounce the flash off of colored walls as that will change the color tint of your photo. The best thing is to not point the falsh directly at the object to help to avoid the harsh lighting.

If you want to stick with the natural light, try to find even lighted spots and photograph during the day time. You can also use ligth from a window to help with great lighting.

Here are two newborn session that I did using lighting from a window:

With the right set up, you can get great ligthing still. It is mostly knowing how to position your subject against the light that you have to work with.
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