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Default Re: Talk about profit!!

Originally Posted by scoutOK View Post
I think it is great for you if you can sell them at that price! I was commenting on how much they are making considering how much FOE costs. I guess if people don't know they don't care.

My customers have no idea what FOE is, let alone what it costs. And I have no intention of telling them. I don't even call them FOE headbands, why give them that much of a headstart on finding the material, they are soft elastic headbands.

I am not selling to all the ladies here that craft their own goodies, I am selling to the moms and teens that don't craft and they have no idea what I pay or how much time goes into something. The just know what they would have to pay retail for similar items, their perception is different than ours.

I live in a low income small town area so I have to watch my high end items, but anything $5 or under I can move a lot and quickly, so it has to have a good profit margin.
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