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Default Re: How to make a headband?

Originally Posted by mckenjs View Post
OMG I read it the same way.

Blondie and ejbryant have a facebook site where they wholesale FOE and Elastic LACE!/FinerNecessities

I think others destash and sell a little cheaper, but they have a pretty good selection. I have also found elastic lace on ebay.
Janet thank you so much for recommending us - we really appreciate it. we have fold over elastic, skinny elastic and stretch lace - all are perfect for headbands - if u have any questions feel free to pm me we hope to serve u
WHOLESALE supplies! Curly Ostrich Puffs, Wire Displays, Stretch Lace, Fold over elastic, Marabou Yardage, Felt & MORE

If we've done business please leave feedback!!
Thank you!

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