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Default Re: HOw to attach bows to lace headband....can't figure it out!

There are many ways to do this.

1. You can glue your flower to the headband and then glue a felt circle over the headband and flower (like a sandwhich).

2. Sometimes ppl will glue a felt circle to the back of the circle and then do the step above.

3. Another way would be to sew the bottom layer of your flower to the headband. Optional if you want to use felt to cover the thread from the sewing.

4. On plastic headbands you can cut slats in the felt and slide 3/8 or 5/8 ribbon through there and glue it like you do on bows. 5/8" gives it a better hold. Then proceed to step 1.

You have to ask yourself how much time you are willing to spend on these and how much you intend on selling them for.
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