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Originally Posted by Pirate_Smiles View Post

BE WARNED companies in China do not play by the same rules that American companies do. Many people have been burned and lost THOUSANDS of dollars. Your best bet is to get in on a group buy with a reputable GB host.
Or anywhere else in the world, I've got one for over a thousand dollars going awol atm and I'm literally nearly puking and I've been dealing with this supplier regularly for 18 months now, thankfully he's realising hes about to loose my custom and hopefully its turning around. Personally I would never share who they are or any details I just keep my mouth shut, if you want to share the info share it, if you don't, don't easy! .

Going direct to China is a big risk and you have to be prepared to wear the costs if it goes belly up!

When I started I found most of my basics via google, I stumbled across hipgirls that way and spent hours with my finger on the search button trawling through thousands of threads, its tedious work but does pay off in the end.
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