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Originally Posted by DynamiteBows View Post
Is there a list somewhere where all you guys and girlies get your supplies? Like the original not etsy. Like China or somewhere? I don't know where to start. Thanks
Here are some starting places since you asked for "the original place. like China"

As for individual suppliers from China, you are definitely on your own. Many ladies have spent lots of time and money to build up trust with suppliers. And they aren't willing to just hand over the info from the fruits of their hard work. Many take offense to people asking for supplier info without doing any of the hard work themselves. That's the reason for the snarky posts. You are new, so I am just filling ya in

BE WARNED companies in China do not play by the same rules that American companies do. Many people have been burned and lost THOUSANDS of dollars. Your best bet is to get in on a group buy with a reputable GB host.
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