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Default Re: Suppliers?

My thoughts exactly!!! If you don't want to share your information, that doesn't mean you have to be crappy to someone about it...I have seen several posts lately where no one responds...

Originally Posted by Beautifulbowsbymeme View Post
Personally, I have been using Hobby Lobby. I hope this helps. I have been searching the different websites and forums for what other ladies say have been better quality. I have heard about The Ribbon Retreat - I believe it is, also Rabom.
Good luck! I have seen people get really nasty with comments on different posts but I just do not find that fair. Yes, we all work really hard to get to where we are no matter how long we have been doing this but that doesn't mean you have to be ugly.
Don't take it personally, I always remember being told as a child "if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all"

I wish you all the best!!
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