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Default New to Tutus - Help with Bustle Style

Hi there!

I'm new to tutus and want to make one for my daughter's halloween costume (will be my first!). I've purchased several tutorials and understand what I need to do, but my question is this:

If I want to make a bustle style, would I simply do a 3 layer using varying lengths (with maybe some short bits tied on like a strawberry style) in back? Is it that simple?

I think I understand how these things can get addictive! I'm not planning to ever sell them, but can see myself making them as gifts, donate some to DD's school auction, and basing years and years of halloween costumes around the tutu, lol.

In fact, my best friend's daughter has decided she will also be a peacock, and has asked me to make her one too, so I'm planning to make a whole costume and send it for her birthday gift (bday is early Nov) - and I want to make matching tutu-totes as halloween bags

Which reminds me - I can't sew to save my life. I wonder if the tote bag can be adapted to be made with glue and maybe some hand stitches as extra security? I was thinking maybe I could make a tiny no-sew tutu in the usual way, then glue it to the tote bag, add some holding stitches, then glue feather boa or ribbon over the edge. But seems that would be too thick/bulky. Hmmmm, ideas?


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