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Default Re: How did you learn to make Bows?

I love making items and making hairbows just seemed like the natural progression in what was next on my things to make. I don't actually remember when I started making haribows, but about 15 years ago I was asked to make the flowers and decorations for a wedding and I know I made alot of bows at that time. I was obsessed with making them perfect. I've always re-tied bows on the back of all the dresses for every little girl I've known. I only had boys so it was a little more then difficult to tie any bows for them, so I set the goal to raise good sons so I could have awesome daughters-in-law and hope they would bless me with granddaughters. Well, my plan worked and now I have two granddaughters (under age 2). One of the first words out of Little Miss Bella Ray's mouth was "Bows". I'm still working on our Precious Emma's first words.
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