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Default Re: Copyright laws....lets review :)

Originally Posted by pixiesmoon View Post
If it does not belong to you, it is not yours. If you take it, you are stealing. A simple, moral idea that is often betrayed. Copyright laws protect an artist's work. Writers need to protect their words; photographers need to protect their images. The laws may appear to be complex, but the rules are basic.

Web Photos
  • Copyright infringement, the unauthorized use of copyrighted work, includes photos on the Web, as well as in print. Even if you do not see a copyright symbol, you should suspect that it probably is protected and not available for public use. It is recommended that photographers use copyright watermarks or include a copyright symbol to protect their images that appear on the Web.

Great post!

I would just like to point out to anyone who may be confused about this, that this is not just a "rule" that some forum may or may not state, but the LAW. Even if the forum doesn't expressly state that you can't infringe on someone's copyright, it's still against the LAW. Clear?
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