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Default are you??

Are you your own model? I'm getting so sick and tired of wasting my time, money & energy creating new things to send to models, to get crappy pics in return. (not all of them are crappy, some are really good, but I'm tired of guessing which ones are gonna be good) I can't do it anymore at the moment, who knows later on.. never say never right ..I have girls that are willing to help me out but with so much picture theft I'm not sure I can put them thru that.. I actually took down a whole bunch of my daughters pics because the thought of my baby's pictures being in someone else's computer irritates me.. I love selling to children but I think I want to market adults now.

so if you don't mind me asking are you your own model? I think I want to be the face of my boutique. I did some research and I think it'll be good. My problem is that I'm a plus size gal and not sure how that would work on etsy. what's your opinion ladies please help me figure this out. thank you all so much.
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