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Default Re: Tiny Flower Bobby Pins...Any ideas how she does it?

How cool is that mini rose die?! It looks like the 3D flower die I have for my Sizzix Big Shot, only smaller. I haven't figured out how to get other dies to work in it though, so I'd have to get that figured out.

Thanks for the compliment on the ones I tried out. That was definitely the result of a group effort!! After doing those, I have a feeling that each different type (or maybe weight) of fabric would require a different length to achieve fullness, at least with the scalloped edge ones that I tried. So I think as I play around with these, I should keep notes on how long worked best for each one. Just a heads up to anyone else who wants to try it,, so you don't cut a whole bunch of fabric strips and then have the flower not as full as you'd like. (You can see in the photo that one of the scalloped flowers isn't as full as the other.)

Thank you again to everyone for helping figure this out!!!!! These are SO cute!!!
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