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Default attempting bottle caps..

Okay, so I'm going to attempt some bottle caps for bow centers, and I'm looking for opinions on what has worked well for you!
I have seen so many different variations of tuts out there, plus read up on some past threads in regards to this..
Do you use epoxy dots or the kind that you can squeeze on? LOL ... I completely forgot the name(s) of the different kinds of epoxy, so please forgive my lack of formal names..

When it comes to attaching them to the bow center, I've seen a lot of opinions.. The HG tutorial said to use foam disks, and attach with glue. It's very logical to me, but I would think that the foam disks wouldn't be the most secure option..? I've also seen options for felt circles, but I don't see how that would work, with there being a gap between the bottle cap and the bow.. Both of these seem like great options, but I'm curious about how well they work.

Any other advice for bottle caps are very much welcome!
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