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Default modeling service sites

good morning ladies

I've been thinking about getting some more professional pics for my site as of now I just have a few that customers had sent me, some stock ones, and a bunch I took myself.

My first thought was the modeling service sites I always here ya all talk about so I looked around and liked bella beauties (think thats the right name) as far as how the website worked and such but then I was looking at the models pages and all the pics I kept pulling out looked to be like just home point n shoot pics that I could take myself of dd or some nieces, do the pics you guys usually get look professional?

If not how do you guys make arrangements and find photographers? I've had a couple contact me on etsy before but after reading alot of you guys' posts about sending stuff and not getting anything back I'm a little nervous

My last option is to just round up my nieces/cousins and hire a photographer because in the long run it may cost the same amount in product.... but getting everything photographed with kids isnt a given and I really want some newborn pics which I dont have any newborns right now...

Ugh which way do yall go?

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