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Default Re: Tiny Flower Bobby Pins...Any ideas how she does it?

Originally Posted by Gr82cre8 View Post
It looks like she cuts the fabric as shown in her first pic, then makes little vertical "fringe-like" snips halfway and rolls the fabric into a "roll". Finally, she puts them on a bobby pin that has the litlle platform for gluing. Maybe she spreads out the "petals" also.

Something similar to what was done here:

The bobby pins are like the ones shown here:
Originally Posted by chippychick View Post
Some of the edges are "pinked" with shears, which would give them the petal effect.
You're both so right! I looked at it closer up and then played around with it. I took a little strip of fabric and clipped a little more than half way through, then I grabbed some skinny tweezers and rolled it up (used fabritac tho, didn't try to sew it) and it looks close. I'll try to post a picture of the little flowers I made. They aren't on bobby pins, but... I think they look close.

And using pinking shears is genius! I made one with a curved edge, and it turned out looking good, but man that was a PITA! Pinking shears would be a lot easier. And if those craft scissors with all the different edges work, that could open up a whole new bunch of flowers to make.

Thanks ladies!!!!! I love this forum!
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