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Default Re: What is wrong with my bows?

Originally Posted by micmac68 View Post
I personally never had luck free-handing my bows. I actually made all of my own templates out of cardboard! I have heard wonderful things about No Bow No Go. I have not had any luck with Etsy, either! If you are on Facebook, I would suggest starting a page on there. It is incredible how friends of friends just kind of find you! There are also many pages on FB who run multi-page auctions so you can try and build up your fan base. Although I have a small number of "likes" I keep pretty busy with my "regulars."

Hang in there!! Don't give up!!
I am familiar with facebook but I am afraid about doing business there. I mean, I have hear so many stories about scams that I am not sure it I would feel safe opening a Facebook page exclusively to sell my bows. I will continue using Etsy and if by December it doesn't move on then I will consider Facebook.

I do know that with Etsy you have to add items at least every week.
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