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Default Re: What is wrong with my bows?

Originally Posted by LizAnnsbows View Post
After I read this, I went to check on some bows and clips I purchased from a bow maker two years ago from Etsy and also compared to some commercial bows from Walmart. I am totally confused now! I bought a PDF instruction book a year ago about how to make bows and I don't see a clear explanation about how to line up alligator clips either. I mean it doesn't tell which should be the back or the front. I also watched many videos on you tube ( I will watch them again today).

Well, the bows I got from the other crafter are lined up completeley and she glue up the front to the clip (felt clip). The ones from Walmart are flat on both sides, so I can't use those as an example. I always thought I should line up the "flat" side so that when the girl is wearing the clip people would see a flat clip.
They way you line clips is one of those preference things. Some people prefer the flat part touching the head and other think that "curved" part should touch the head as it shapes the head better. I have tried them both and to be honest I can't really tell the difference.

I think on your bows you just need to practice on making you angles a little more 90 degree-ish. When all your done with your last loop the center should look like a tall skinny "X" for a twisted boutique look or a regular "X' for a boutique style. It should never look like a short fat "x". If you are confused PM me and I will show you.
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