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Default Re: What is wrong with my bows?

Originally Posted by missdana1105 View Post
I think you should try and find something unique to make you stand out. Not all bow makers need to fit the same cookie cutter form you know? Usually if something looks uneven/loopsided in a picture it is, I've made plenty of bows in my time that I thought looked great until I take the pictures.

One tip I have unless I am selling clippies I don't put a back on the bow before I take a picture, it helps it lay flat plus gives you the option to use a different clip/barrette if requested.

PICTURES PICTURE PICTURES are sooo important when someone is buying something online. Like Cubetta said they cant touch it and feel.
I thought about not putting the clip in the bows also before you mentioned it. The bows look a lot better when they are not "finished" but then I have another question: With those big stacked bows with bottlecaps or resin centers; if you leave then unfinished before taking the picture... I mean if you don't attached the bow to the clip with a ribbon and glue, then how do you attach your bows? Do you just line up an alligator clip and glue the back of clip to the bow? I saw this method on some Hair Hardware videos but I thought the bows might not be secured.
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