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Default Re: What is wrong with my bows?

Originally Posted by kozzy bottoms View Post
I dont know if this is just me and being tired but there clips look like you lined them upside down

After I read this, I went to check on some bows and clips I purchased from a bow maker two years ago from Etsy and also compared to some commercial bows from Walmart. I am totally confused now! I bought a PDF instruction book a year ago about how to make bows and I don't see a clear explanation about how to line up alligator clips either. I mean it doesn't tell which should be the back or the front. I also watched many videos on you tube ( I will watch them again today).

Well, the bows I got from the other crafter are lined up completeley and she glue up the front to the clip (felt clip). The ones from Walmart are flat on both sides, so I can't use those as an example. I always thought I should line up the "flat" side so that when the girl is wearing the clip people would see a flat clip.
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