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Default Re: Anyone get their kit from Little Pink Lady Bug?

This is making me sick and it's 5:45am so I obviously can't sleep.

Because of heightened Sept 11 security apparently all imports in Long Beach (maybe other places too, I don't know) have been held.

Since I am a small and new importer, I get special attention. I am literally sick to my stomach right now.

I just got this by email:

Dear Karyn,

I'm sorry to inform you that your shipment is placed on US CUSTOMS MET EXAM
HOLD. The shipment needs to move to an exam site, Price Transfer, for MET
examine by US CUSTOMS. Please kindly advise if the round trip drayage fee
from LB, CA warehouse to exam site and Exam Fees should be collected from
shipper or should we send invoice to you..? kindly advise. Our op sent you
MET EXAM NOTICE by separate email. Appreciate your prompt reply.

Thank you and Best regards,

XXXXXXXXXXX Ocean Import Traffic

So they are holding everything, shipping it to an exam site and I have to pay for the exam and drayage (extra shipping)

I have put in emails requesting time frames and other information this morning. I will give you all the information I have as I get it. This could mean just a few day, or who knows? I truly have no idea.

My very politically connected aunt was able to call her congressman at home. He put her on hold and called down to the CBP (Customs and Border Patrol) facility while she was waiting. Apparently all imports have been held because of the "credible security threats" over the weekend. He did say not to worry too much and it was just a security precaution. But I don't see how that makes a difference if I have already been chosen for the MET hold and still lose time and have to pay for the drayage and exam.

This is not small business friendly.

I am so very sorry for further delay. I am doing everything I can.

I am going to go cry in frustration and eat something completely unhealthy.
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