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Default Re: FINALLY! I made a twisted boutique bow

You described that better than I would have. GOOD JOB! That's what really helped me. I know I tried it before several times, guess I was more motivated this time. I also printed those directions out & the chart telling me how long to cut and where to mark is what may have saved the day. I'm still referring to it each time. I do find that I like to make the tail measurements a bit shorter and the "in between" measurements a bit longer, since I like my bows a little "loopier" and not so tight looking. For example, if the chart says mark 6 inches in between, I may mark at 6 1/2. It usually works out since I mark the tails at 4 inches instead of 5.
Hope that helps anyone still working on this bow. Keep trying, if I can get it, you can too!
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