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Default Re: Bottle Cap Hardness?

I do not do tons of bottle caps (maybe 15 a week) but I used to use a two part resin & alot of times it was hit or miss with bubbles & sometimes had problems with the resin not setting up just perfect, but when they turned out like they were suppose to the finished product was awesome. It was just aggravating to get them all poured up & they would be bubble free come & come back two hours later & have bubbles.... I am a scrapbooker so I had some epoxy dots & decided to try them & let me tell ya I will not ever do the resin again. No mess to clean up, no sealing the image & no waiting for the resin to harden is great...... just slap the epoxy dot on & you are done! Oh & one other thing is if do not use all of your mixed resin you have to just throw it away & I look at that as throwing money away! I know some ladies love using resin.. it just was not for me!
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