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Default Re: Anyone get their kit from Little Pink Lady Bug?

Thank you Deb, I was just coming to see if I should post something here!

We just got notification that they are being released from Long Beach. I do not know exactly what that means. But I am going with the thought that it is a good thing and we should be getting them very soon.

*** I would like to give a very heartfelt thank you to all the girls who have helped vouch for my reputation and business practices.

I truly love all the girls here, and am honored by your patience and belief in me and the Brilliant Bowmaker project***

If anyone is waiting for a kit and is concerned, I give you my word that you will get your kit - or in the event of a problem, a refund, regardless of paypals time frames. I take customer service very seriously, and if I have not answered, it is one of several things - Sheer volume of emails that we are answering, odd rotation of which website we are answering from that day, we can't match up an order/paypal or date, or I simply screwed up. (I am sorry ). We get a lot of duplicate emails from individuals sending messages from multiple websites so it happens that we do mistake what has been answered. Again, I apologize. Once in a while I have answered emails in my head and completely forgotten to respond out of sleep deprivation.

This has been our first international experience and we have been going strong for over a year and nonstop since February. It has been quite an...adventure?

Some other questions -

1. Yes we have been getting small shipments in waves - every time there was a delay over "there" we just paid to air freight another batch.

2. We had two separate quality issues that I refused to "just let go" as I was advised for the first order. One was just a poorer quality from what we approved, the other actually involved the shape of one of the templates. (someone decided to add points to the surrounds ???) So we had to get them to remake and repack the entire surround order.

3. Customs was...well the term "adventure" comes back to me.

4. I am not online much so hip girls and etsy are not the best way to reach me. The website comments on LPL and second facebook are best. If you do need to ask a question, you will get the fastest answer if you can include your paypal address, and the date which you paid. We ship everything through paypal unless it is international, so you should get a notification from paypal when we print your shipping label.

5. If anyone can explain tariff and harmonizing codes to me - we need to talk.

I hope this helps! Have a great night!
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