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Her lastest FB post:

Seriously, these pathetic people who claim that we 'steal' other people's searched images are free for all to use, provided you state they are from there and that your product looks the same....seriously. If a picture on our wall is pink with yellow dots, that is what you will get when you order it.

Umm. I know she is in South Africa, so they may not have the laws as we do, but where did she come up with the concept that google search images are free to use.

If I wanted some one to plan a party for me, I would want to see pics of there actual work. I don't think she may be at the same level as Martha Stewarts crafts/party team of experts. It's kinda like when you see a picture of a terrific looking Thanksgiving dinner and you follow all the directions to a "T" , but your turkey isn't a nice and your corn isn't as yellow and your green beans are dull. Then you learn a little more about product photography and realize the turkey was probably painted, and tthe veggies were cooked in food coloring. Huge disappointment. If she has any customers, I imagine that's how they feel.
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