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Default Re: Jeana, Lynn, and other "big bow" please!

Originally Posted by jmd1979 View Post
Sheeesh I should be in bed but I can't pry myself away from here.

Here is another fum formula just like the big boutique bows only geared towards the little toddler they measure in at a tiny 2 1/2 to 3 inches!

Base 22in of 7/8 ribbon

spikes use 1 peice of 7/8in and 2 peices of 5/8in or use all 7/8in what ever you decide

Loops 2 9-in peices of 3/8 using the same technique as above

Topper 18in of 5/8 ribbon

They are soooo cute!
I call them Itty Bitty Hair Pretties!

I love your bows....they are the cutest things ever

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