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Default Re: Does this really work? ... no sew technique

I use the metal clip, as well. I may try the plastic, because it does make sense that it would be a stronger hold.. but a binder clip with the metal seems like a great idea!
I will have to try the organza, and see how it works! I had wondered if the width made a difference.. It seems like any issues I have with stitching is because it is so thin. The folds in the middle are great, but sometimes the top can be off.. So I will take it apart and sew again. I'm not sure if that makes sense.. Sometimes the top doesn't fold the way it should..? Maybe I don't put the needle in the right spot.. Like I said before usually it works, but on occasion it doesn't.. Which I don't mind having trouble on occasion, but if there are easier ways, then I'm game!
Thanks for your replies!
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