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Default Re: Do these belong to you?

Oh if it were my kid, I'd definitely post something to the effect of "Take my child's photo down now or I will sue your a$$!" Quick and to the point. Hopefully she will be quick about fixing it and if we're all lucky, it'll ruin her business so that we have less competition!!!! :/ Since putting my business into hibernation, last year, I've definitely let myself get soft! LOL!

Originally Posted by snazzy teez View Post
If one of the pics was of your child...would you feel that way? And yes, it may be harsh, but sometimes that's what it takes. There have been too many that just ignore the requests to remove photos or end up starting a new fb page...maybe she will think twice before doing this again...and if you will notice, she not only stole pics, but was charging the same price for a few of the items.
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